General Information

The TRELP GEORGIEVI & Co. was established as a family business in 1991.
/reg. No: 3899 dated 24th June 1991 Varna District Court/. In accordance with the up-to-date legislation at that time the company was a cooperative firm. Since 1998 the company has been changed into The TRELP GEORGIEVI & Co. In 2000 the company was registered according to the Act of the Value Added Tax. Presently, the registered address of TRELP GEORGIEVI & co is seated in the town of Varna where the tax registration is. The production premises are located in the town of Devnya and in the village of Ezerovo, Varna District, Bulgaria.

At this moment / 2005 . / the company have three partners:

Ing. Nikola Ivanov Georgiev - Executive manager and basic owner of company.
Vladimir Nikolov Georgiev - Deputy Manager and co-owner.
Nevena Nikolova Hristova - advocate on free practice, lawyer of company and co-owner.
The basic activity is the production of details of elastomers for different branches of industry /electrotechnique, shipbuilding, shiprepair, food and beverage and so on/. There is a large complex of press-formings both for standard / rings for pin connectors, couplings Stortz and other couplings / as well as non-standard products / vibrated pads, rubber gaskets for hatches and so on /. Design, construction and producing of press-formings by, by an existing detail or in accordance with the working parameters and the application specificity.
he products comply with the requirements of the Bulgarian Governmental Standard or with the technical requirements presented by a certain customer which is attested by a quality certificate. The quantity of products is agreed as it is possible to be from 2-3 units up to several thousand pieces. The dispatch is performed by forwarding agents or franco the store of TRELP GEORGIEVI & Co.